What do you do for riding in the sand? set up? for Xr650r

I’m going to take the xr650r to the sand for the first time. What do I need to do to set it up for the sand? A sock for the air filter? Seal any thing?

scotts damper.

Grease around the air filter helps keep sand out. What kind of sand are you talking about? Where are you going? I'm in the sand so much i don't think about it anymore.

scotts damper.

I have one it sit's on my work bench...:banghead:

It's been a while since I have been in the sand. Having a few extra pre oiled air filters is a good plan. They tend to get caked with sand every ride. You will also use twice the gas of a normal ride. One time I crashed hard when I ran out of gas. I only had 33 miles on the odometer. I didn't think that I needed to put it on reserve as such a low mileage. Then again the odometer runs off of the front wheel. The rear wheel might have turned enough to go 70 miles.

Don't use oily chain lube, it will just get your chain coated in sand.

4.3 gal clark tank so gas is fine. I will get some extra filters

When I had my 650 I actually took a nylon stalking , cut it so it layed flat, layed it over the air filter then put the sidepanel back on. It kept the sand from ever getting on the filter.

Like its been said before, run your chain dry, and you WILL gulp down the fuel. The bigger tank you have will come in handy. I would hit reserve at like 35 miles in the dunes on a stock tank.

Have fun. I loved my 650R out in the dunes.


death valley, I have not been there so I dont know :banghead:

dont people seal the air box up better?

You will love that ride.

Awesome scenery. (driven around there but never rode- hope to some day)

Hope the weather is good for ya.

You will need at least a 4.3 tank. (with a very light throttle hand) 6.0 would be preferable for 140 mile stops.

Probably not much sand along the way. Except for washes.

The dunes in Death Valley are off-limits I believe.

IMO- dune riding SUCKS on the BRP.

Just prep the BRP for a long ride.

Maybe bring an extra filter and socks (or panty hose-they work great- who says you can't wear your wifes panty hose).

I only use Maxima FFT and grease on the seal- No Problems with this setup.

Also pack a small can of chain lube and use ultra heavy duty tubes- run 16-18 lbs and flats will be nill- unless you get a nail or other heavy puncture.

Good luck and have fun...

Take some pics and post here or in the Dual-Sport section.

You're set just ride and tell us about it when you get back.

If your talking Glamis type beach sand you certainly want that dampner turned OFF. I oil my filter a bit more, replace them daily, take the mudflap off to clear the paddle and hold on tight and stay on the gas. There is no going slow in the sand..............

I ride in soft sand all the time, I've never greased my air filter. But I'm pretty careful about routine oil & filter changes.

You can ride without a damper in sand, but it's by far the best thing I've added. Stabilized the bike a lot, gives me a lot more confidence. Before the damper, I couldn't sit, the bike was all over the place. Now i can sit on the flatter sections.

If its soft sand, deflate tires. I go very low pressure, 8 or 10 psi, but I have stiff sidewalls. (Dunlop D908).

Depends on your tires and weight, but deflate - much better handling.

Some tips on riding in sand here:




thanks for the set up info..

As for riding in the sand I have done it many time's. but that was on my old 91 cr500, not the xr650r. I just dont wont sand to get in the engine.

scotts damper.

If your talking Glamis sand turn that dampner OFF....really.............

death valley....scotts would have been nice

Gotcha, yes D valley would have been hella better w/ a Scott's........

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