Uncorking the L?

Hi again!

I have 2 questions on some of the uncorking stuff. 1) How hard is taking off the smog stuff? The reason I am asking is because in N.Y. we have our vehicles hooked up a computer to check for pollution control. I'm not sure that they can do it for motorcycles yet but I may have to put it back on to pass inspection at some point. I have been in Taiwan since all that started so I have no idea how they do it. My second question is what does it do for gas milage? I have read were guys are getting 120 miles on a 4.3 gallon tank. I can do that with my stock tank. I think they maybe R's though.

Can't give you any credible info on the gas mileage after removing the smog pump since I did a jet kit at the same time, however as far as putting the smog pump and associated crap that goes with it back on the bike for inspection purposes, that shouldn't be an issue for you. You may have to have some extra rubber hose available to re-install the stuff because if I recall correctly, you will probably have to shorten an existing OEM hose to allow for bypassing some component that would otherwise be in use with the pollution equip.

As far as I know only a few counties in Arizona are doing bike smog checks today. However, I know that California wants to start a program for bikes. Perhaps NY will as well some day. If you remove that stuff be sure to keep it in case you have to put it back on. The smog equipment on a L doesn't effect performance except for a added pound or so of weight. Removing it will not effect your MPG.

Look for "Dave's mods" for uncorking instructions. It really helps the power, but it does come at the cost of reduced MPG. Depending on what jetting you finally settle on, your range might drop to 100 or even as low as 80 street miles with the stock tank. A lot depends on how you run the throttle. Relentlessly flogging it will reduce your range and a light hand extends it.

I have an IMS 4 gallon tank on my 600 and I really like the extra range.

No change in MPG with no smog.

Also, i get 45 mph with a hotcam, fcr pumper, exhaust and intake mods. that means about 120 with stock tank. 2.77 gallons i think it is.

De-smog is easy to do...........Im in NY and dont worry about future inspections. I am rejetted, de-smoged with a Uni filter, White Bros. exhaust and geared down . My riding pal has the same set up as I do on our 2001 XR650L's, they both hit reserve at around 75 miles with the stock fuel tanks.

Man, I hit reserve at between 50 and 60 miles.

I am going to get an IMS 4 gallon tank also so I don't have to stop at so many gas stations.

Don't worry yet for your smog stuff. That isn't for motorcycles yet. I have heard them talkin about it, but I doubt it will ever become an issue in the future. All my bikes are plated here except the CR500R. All pass for now. I did get some technical input from my dealer about the plastic tanks. I ride with 4 of the inspectors occasionally and they don't have an issue with it. The plastic tanks are a supposed no-no, but as I said before I JUST put that tank on there, sorry officer. I have a Clarke and an IMS tank sets on the XR's. It is a real bonus not hunting for gas. I can usually go almost twice stock.



One big note is that the NY inspections plug into our comps on our cars for the check. No computer on carbed machines and simpler engines. They haven't gone to a tailpipe check per say yet, and I doubt powersports will ever be subjected to that. Db and spark arrestor yes, but emissions not yet.

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