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First Colorado HS this weekend at Milliken

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I went out to Milliken for the first time 3-4 weeks ago. They said that their HS's are really fun. I don't think I'm going to make it out this time. Do you know much about where they run the track? It looked like it would be really fun to ride out in the back. The guy at the sign up said something about a huge hill they ran during the national that some of the amatures were having trouble making it up.

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Yeah, they run the course over the MX track, out back in the fields, down by the

river, and there is a hill that is a b!tch to get up, luckily I had THUMPER

POWER to make it. (That is of course, before I dislocated my shoulder

twice during a HS race there last Nov.) The course also goes down to

the right and back after you enter where there is normally parking.

Definitely a fun course to ride.

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