WR400F -02 & WR426F -02

Id like to know from someone experienced in 4strokes

What the difference between the WR426F -02 and the WR400F -02 is , not the 26cc difference, but all parts ie exhausts? brakes ? shock & fork? are they all the same except the bore?

/ Thanks :) dw

In the US, the last model year for the WR 400 was '00, starting in '01 the 400 was no longer sold, all WRs were either 426 or 250.

From US 400 to 426 the carb (and jetting) changed, clutch had one more plate, I believe the header may be slightly different...

...there are probably a few other differences I'm forgetting, but the biggest difference is obviously the displacement.

Hope this helps.

Hehe well in sweden they still are selling WR400F -02, i got one booked, but i belive the construction is remaning from year 2000, but its made during year 2002.. but what about WR400F 00 is that a good bike? I know the carbuation etc from 98 -> 00 was muuch better.. but oh well, im climbin up from 125 2stroke to 400 4 stroke, so i think it will do the trick for me :)

wellll, i have the last 400 sold in th US, (2000 model) the thin has everything the 426 has but ti valves and 26cc's. besides that i think they are the same. how since they don't sell 400's here anymore i don't know about naything else. they may have put ti valves in after 2000. but everything else should be the same.


Ok sounds okay, well i think it ill do even if it doesnt have ti valves, but since were on it, whats the diffrence between ti and non ti? ti lasts longer?

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