WR vs Impreza

Apologies if this is a repost

English would be nice... cool non the less.

Wish I could ride like that guy....must be fun to wheelie thru turns.

Cool vid!

its an interesting video, i've often wondered how a WR would fair up against a half decent car. That WR pilot has some skills.

Showed this to my friend a while back (he thinks no bike can sand up to a car he is crazy) all he said was that, yeah but it aint a rally car its a replica. Wouldnt have it that the WR will only have had a few £ worth of extras and still its better

hi chambers. uk here as well. I've seen bikes beasted by cars before. I dont doubt (at all) that bikes are quicker, but surely, some drivers are better than others. Thats my experience.

Saw that vid a few weeks ago got to admit its cool.

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