OHH $hit Oil Chage...

I had an OHH $hit Oil Change. I just found a present in my oil. I changed the oil on my DR650 and found a spring and a screw in the oil. I think its from the neutral light switch. I may be spliting the cases if I can't find everything. Pics in about 15 min. My camera needs charging.

GEEZ that would make me nausious!!! did the neutral switch stop working??

How 'bout a year and mileage tro go with this thread? I would be thanking my lucky stars if I found this before it found me. Let us know some more!

my neutral switch did stop working on my 97! Not sure if it's just the light though but now I'm going to ckeck. Thank goodness I have not been doing many wheelies to mix things up if something is at the bottom of the sump.

Mines a '97 also. Mine stoped working about 800-1000 miles ago. I could pull on the wire and it would work. So I thought it was the connection. I thought wrong. It has about 14k miles. Haven't had time to look at it. I was thinking if I got a magnetic drain plug I may start it up and see if I catch it on the plug don't know if I want to split the cases........ If I have been running this long without any problems I may just try. I can't tell If I have lost a washer also till I take the side cover off and hope the other screw is still there.

Don't panic. Take the side case off and have a look. It could be that the switch is hanging from the other screw and you get off easy. If you do find that the other screw is MIA you may be able to recover it with a magnetic probe through an oil passage under the side case, into the crank case. It could also be trapped in the side case.

is there a washer??? Thats what I am worries about. And the pin the goes with the spring.

well both screws are out and lost. Time to start digging.... I really need to know if those screws have washers. Can anyone tell me?

How much metal is stuck in your oil filter? If things are getting chewed up, you should see it in your filter.

Things are not chewed up. I found everything I think. I found the other screw that I was missing and the pin that goes with the spring. I can't find any washers. So I am guessing there are none. I need someone to confirm this please.... This is the only thing keeping me from putting my bike back together. I ran a magnet inside and couldn't find any washers.

Found everything. Putting it back together now. No washers.



happy ending

no washers bro, no need to worry. i removed mine before anything could happen, i was scared too.

Wow! Good for you! But what a dumb design on the 650. The 350's (on my '93 and '95) neutral sensor is OUTSIDE the motor on the left side sorta by the CS sprocket.

no washers bro, no need to worry. i removed mine before anything could happen, i was scared too.

Yeah thanks man. I just pulled the cover off my parts bike and looked at it. They almost fell out into my hand they were so loose.

whew!!! glad you got lucky!! That could have been a disaster.

Uh oh. After my last oil change I found a suspiciously similar looking screw in the drain pan. Hmmm, wonder where that came from. Now I have a good idea where it came from. I will be checking real soon. How does the sensor go back together? Any online diagrams?


There was a screw in your oil, and you just added fresh oil and thought ... ok.

And now "how does the neutral switch attach?" Well, insert the screws into the holes, one of which is clearly visible in the photo.

Read post 13

Be sure to loctite the new screws. I used internal hex cap screws and a ball end hex drive making it easier to drive the screw with limited access.

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