xr 650r gas tanks

I regret to say I sold my 1996 xr600 and bought a 1995 bmw k100rs because I had to ride across Europe and didn't feel 600 was up to it. I've owned big in-line 4s so I know we're talking apples and oranges but I really miss the thumper. Anyway (sorry) I'm already dreaming up my next dream bike (xr650r) and was wondering what aftermarket gas tanks are on the market. I'm interested in range and quality.

Thanks guys

There are three companies (at least) that make tanks for the BRP: Clarke, IMS, and Acerbis. Clarke and IMS both have tanks in the 4.3-4.5 gallon range. Acerbis makes one that is 6 gallons.

I have an XR 600 with the 4.9 gal IMS tank, so I have no personal experience with any of those listed above.

I ride with two other Big Red Pig Riders. They have the IMS 3.2 (or 3.4 depending on who you talk to) gal. tanks and I have the Clarke 4.3 tank. These are both quality tanks. My Clarke is a little bit wider than the IMS 3.2 but slimmer that the IMS 4.6. I feel that it gives me the best of both worlds. Great range and still a good feel to the ergo's. One thing to note with the Clarke 4.3 is that if you have a California bike with the smog pump, you will need to remove it for the tank to fit. They didn't mention that fact when I ordered it, so I wanted to pass it on to any TT'ers that may consider this tank. Bike runs better with out it anyway, so there ya go! Thump-on my Brutha.

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