Bent Rotors

Okay, went riding through some rocky Arizona washes and now I have two bent rotors and nasty squeal coming from the front somewhere. I'm hoping it's from the front rotor. Any recommendations for new rotors and disc guards. Thanks!!!!

I had a bent rotor on the rear of my 05 wr450 and just whacked it with a hammer and a block of wood. It straightened out in the second hit. I do not know how bad yours are but you might give this a try before buying new ones.

If your bike is new enough you may be able to get OEM wave rotors for an 07 YZ450

Also, it is a good idea to list your year and make when asking questions about your bike (or in your profile "my garage").

you could also figure out were it is bent and put it in a vice and bend it back with a big crescent wrench (adjustable wrench) like a 18" or so .

or hit it with a dead blow hammer on some wood , its amazing what you can bend back with a hammer .

Disks can be bent back into shape a time or two, except it's never exactly straight again and it causes accelerated pad wear. You can buy disks here for a pretty good price (Tusk).;jsessionid=A551D5305DCD6089F0D6A6C0A22CF64D.westring1

I also recommend any kind of rear disk guard or shark fin that isn't plastic. I use a Devol guard but it's been on my last three bikes and I haven't had a reason to do more than bend it away from the rotor a few times. It took the hit, not the rotor. On the front I have seen the metal guards as well , but I have never used one. I have been lucky with the Cycra plastic front disk cover as the plastic lets the rock kind of slide past the rotor while the plastic acts like a bit of a cushion between the rock and the rotor. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I have been riding in the Rocky Mountains for 25 years and their called Rocky for a reason. WR Dave.


I'll try to straighten them and hopefully that stops that squeal. I forgot to mention that it is on my 07 WR450. Thanks for the help! That Cycra looks nice!

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