Handlebar risers ?

On a XR600R dose anyone use the 3/4 '' or more bar risers ? Will it make the front end lighter to pull up by shifting weight ? Yes guys I know the scale remains the same :busted: Why do some of you use them ? :banghead:

Hey DENN10 :Will it be easier to pick up my bike when I fall because of the 3/4" " leverage extension " ? If you triangulate from the bars to the front wheel and to the back wheel ??

I really would like feed back on the bar riser.

HEY: DENN 10, What was all that stuff you were apolligising for last week ? I do not feel you owe one to anyone ! There are thoes who just wait to take issue with someone over something for no good reason. I want to thank you personaly for the service you gave to our country so we can have our lives we have!!! :D If not for you and all the others (some sadly no longer with us) we may not have had this life we now enjoy ! Please don't loose your sense of humor and sarcasim,I think its funny and I know you are not one to spew out trash and anger because if you were you would not given so much of your life for this country (which is all of us people out here who make up this great country) ! Some people just need to grow a thicker skin and know the world will not revolve around them. Anyways, its great to see you back and by the way thanks for your help and you too (martinfan30) my "scooter" is running great ! Thanks again in advance for all of you for all your help everyone and lets give thanks to all who made this great country what it is and (DON'T FORGET TO THANK GOD ! ):busted::ride::D

THANKS ALL DANNY V :D :D :prof::busted:

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