Turn signal question

Heres the rear plate/fender 04' 650L. I had to add the flap to keep my plate clean! There is two LED lights pointing towards the plate when the flap is up. Signals and a bunch of other stuff are slated by spring!


Buy the cheapest automotive flasher you can. Replace your stock flasher. The cheaper the flasher the easier it flashes......... Don't buy a " heavy duty ' flasher. They reley on more resistance to trip the circuit. Smaller lights require less resistance to trip the flasher. We run small bulbs that none of our bikes stock trip!! Try less load flashers. If it doesn't work, they make a programmable type. good luck

Thanks absynth01. I installed small non LED turnsignals today and they did not flash. I went straight to the laptop and did a search and there was your solution. :cool:

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