BBR is a top notch company!

Some of you may remember me asking if anyone knew BBR's return/warranty policy as my pipe had cracked around the flange. Well I called Duane at BBR the next day as well as sent an email with photos of the crack. Duane said "No problem send it back and we'll repair it". So I did. 1 day turn around and I just got it back! One problem though. The end cap had a dent in it that wasn't there before. I don't know if it happened at BBR or on the UPS truck, but I was back on the phone to Duane. Again." No problem. Ill get a new end cap in the mail today. Just keep running the one you got until it gets there then send it back!" WOW! What a great company that stands behind their product and service! I was nervous at first even calling asking for warranty but after treatement like this I would reccomend BBR to anyone looking for hi quality performance products from a company that stands behind their work!

Thanks again Duane and keep up the good work!!!

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