Aluminium fuel tank

Yes its like a transformer robot.

tank is probably naturally anodized, just like rims.

Aluminum is not "naturally anodized"

Aluminum is naturally oxidized; this is why it is so corrosion resistant and does not need to be coated.

There is a clear anodized finish that is applied to a lot of aluminum products to further protect against corrosion but it has a slightly different color than unfinished aluminum.

Right, by anodizing sth naturally, I ment protecting aluminium with anodizing and keeping natural colour or by your words clear anodized finish. So many words to say the same thing.

Any guys have these, and if so, how well do they hold up to roost, crashes, ect.?

I've had aluminum tanks on 4 or 5 bikes in the past, and they were never an issue. They will, of course, dent, but that only came up once, and we repaired it (mostly) without too much trouble. They used to be quite common, as did fiberglass.

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