wr400f for hill climbing

hello ive been in a wr400 for 3 years now and i almost always win with my buddies going up on twisty hills lots of cornering i love that wr attitude but going down hilling its difrent my 2 smoke friends smoke me just 2 or 3 seconds away from me but i cant seem to feel comfortable downhilling fast i can push the bike harder but the bike is too heavy to control the braking and tries to slide out feels funny .


The bike for climbing super excelent,but for twisty downhilling not so friendly ,what do you guys think have you noticed this or i need more confidence.

I also felt this way I could fly up hills and tight twisty trails, but coming down the front end was pushing all over. I started to analyze why this was happening? What I have found is this.

1. The bike turns better under power. Typically going down hill I am either coasting or letting compression bring me down, so, if I give the bike a little gas in the corners it really helps to push me through the turn.

2. I have to set up earlier for the turns, and I use a little different body position on the bike. By setting up earlier, I mean breaking or down shifting to a comfortable speed. For body position, I slide back on the seat an inch or two from where I would normally sit in a turn. IMO the thumpers tend to plow into turns, this combined with down hill force and breaking really compresses the front fork. Which would cause me to wash out or feel like I would about go over the bars. By sliding back I feel like it lightens the front back up, and allows it to turn easier.

I hope this helps. The best advice I can give you is go out and practice riding down hill, time on the bike will make you more comfortable in all aspects of riding.

thanks for your reply yeah thats exactly how i feel maybee,i have my bike with yz natural color tank and seatis the best mod you can do to your bike and 14 50 gearing with white brothers exahust.

Maybee a bigger disk brake can help and stiffer forks as in motocross the bike almost throws me over the bars when i hit the fron brake the suspension is way too soft for me i know im not macgrath for offroad but i will consider myself an expert, i like that phrase (plow through the curves )

specially after a little rain you dont even need your brakes man i love passing on straight up 200 mts hills those bikes rips man .

well thanks

If your bike feels (funny) down hills and wants to lock up, let me assure you your front compression is too hard, back the front compression clickers off (anti clockwise) maybe 4 clicks to start with, get on the pegs and feel your front tyre hook in, do a search in the yz forum type in (suspension help) there is a post i put in there on how to adjust your suspension.

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