Thinking of Swapping my RM250 2t for a 06 yz450f

I thinking of swapping my rm250 for a yz450f itsa 06 anything i should look for when i view the 450 and silly question to ask on a yamaha forum but what are the 06's like ? thanks

If i were to get a new(used 450) it would be a yamaha. Havn't heard as many stories of them grenading like the other(s)

i love my 06, great power and suspension just make everything looks clean,

BTW just check the dipstick and see what the oil looks like:thumbsup:

Last two stroke you'll ever ride.

Made the switch from an 06 yz 250 to a 07 yz 450f. I really like the bike. The 250 was great but I hate to say it I like the 4-stroke better. I am keeping my 06 yz 125 just for fun. It is one of the best bikes I have ever owned. The 450 Yamaha is one of the best 450's I have rode. I get the chance to ride them all. Really though there is not a bad bike out there. They all are better than me as a rider. The Yamaha just fits me better next in line would be the CRF. You will like the bike and the quality. Yamaha's are sound and well built machines.

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