You guys wanting to run cooler

as you all know running methanol can keep your motor operating temps down, but it can be corrosive to your carb and not many people want to run it at all time. there is an alternative to which you can run regular gas and have a methanol injection and its fairly cheap.

There is a product called a dial-a-jet. some of you may have heard about it but it is a very good product and use it on all the motors i build. It is an extra fuel circuit added to your carburetor which makes it much easier to tune and eliminates the need to re-jet for altitude or temperature changes.

You can also use the dial a jet as a methanol injection system which i will be doing on my motor. when using this setup you do not have to worry about corroding seals, converting your carb, or having to buy expensive methanol to fill your tank.

there are many more advantages to the dial a jet. if you would like to look into it check out

Just so you guys know you do not have to run it with methanol, it works very well just using fuel out of your float bowl.

Oh and by the way this is NOT a Powerjet!!! A powerjet only works from 3/4 to full throttle, the dial a jet works through out the entire fuel band from i believe 1/4 throttle and up!!!

This would be an awesome product for all you guys running the edelbrock carbs. It will give you the ease of the edelbrock with the power and performance of a tuned fcr!!!

Interesting....Do you know how the fuel is pulled\pushed through? Does it work like a pumper?

It is pulled through by the vacuum created by the high velocity air passing through the air boot and carb

funny this comes up now, i was doing research just this morning on dial-a-jet. here's some of what i found.


and here

but there are also positive reviews and they seem to be easier to find than negative reviews.

of course if you run lean you are gonna run much better but also take the chance of burning up your motor, especially on a two stroke!! hense my saying: Lean is mean, rich is a bitch!!!

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