06 YZ450 stock idle screw setting

I have a silly question and please don't ask me why I need to know this but, does anyone know the stock setting for the idle screw on a 2006 YZ450?

I think my daughter got a hold of it and now I am having a hard time starting it. The last time I rode the bike, it ran great. Now I can't get it to start. If changing the idle screw setting would not have anything to do with getting it started, does anyone know what else I should look at?

I try to start it the way I always have and I don't get anything that even resembles it turning over. I have pulled the plug and it it soaking wet. I dried the plug, dried the cylinder and tried it again, again, and again. Still no luck.

Please help. I hate to take it to the local shop and get charged an arm and leg to fix something simple.


you sure it isn't just because of the cold weather? I find it hard to believe a little girl could turn the idle screw much by herself...

You don't know my little girl. I rode last winter and never had this same issue. What else could it be?

sounds like a jetting issue.. what are your settings now?

Did you put a new plug in? I've never had any luck with just cleaning them.

You might find this strange or maybe not, but I don't know. After I bought it in 06, a friend of mine at the local shop hooked me up and changed the jets for me. Thats sad, but when it come to the technical stuff, I let the experts handle it.

I might just take it back down there on Monday. They aren't too busy now anyway.

I was going to put a new plug in but my friend misplaced it. I checked the spark and it is strong. I know its tough to tell by looking at them sometimes but this one looks almost brand new.

I just thought of something, I did put a new Pro Circuit stainless header pipe on it but it looks identical to the stock one. Do you think that there is a big enough difference in the two that I need to get it rejetted?

you definetely want to find out what jets you have now.. jetting changes are required when the seasons change.. it isn't hard to do, there are a lot of threads on this, do a search.. then give it a go, it's a needed skill...

Thanks for the info everyone. I guess I need to do some studying and do the work myself.

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