Hey everybody! I am stuffing an xr500 motor into a 92' 600 chassis. I need a stock air box! any body have one they want to sell? I just finished making motor mounts, and I have the engine in place. I just need an airbox so I know everything fits right. Any help would be great!

what year xr500 motor is it.

Give us some more info on your project. We love things like this here.

I'm going to guess that it is the older non RFVC engine. My understanding was the RFVC XR500 engine would just bolt in.

I'll update you on my 83 XL600 engine into an 83/85 RE500 Frame. The top engine mount under the tank will need re-fabricating.Seems the 600 motor sits slightly higher..

It is a 79 xr500 engine. I am looking for the stock 600 airbox. Actually the 500 engine sits taller than the 600. had to cut the crossbrace out and fab a new one to fit the rocker cover. Also, I had to stretch the frame 2" for the front motor mount to fit. It's a work in progress, but it will be a cool bike when its done. I'll try to post some pics when I get some.

You're 600 engine must have grenaded?

Grenaded? More like nuclear meltdown. I got it from a guy that exploded the rod through the case. When I took it apart, there was what looked like copper in the screen on the bottom of the frame. Got a good deal though.

I seen an airbox on e-bay today.

I have one, since the 500 was a dual carby one I have a dual carby XR600R one that will be perfect. You need all the boots?

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