2001 426...5th gear gone HELP

Hey guys always been watching the site but now I need to ask a tech question. My 2001 426 has lost 5th gear, it just isnt there. All the other gears work fine and I didnt hear anything abnormal when i was riding. Any ideas on what it could be or what I should be looking for when i get into it?

Put the bike on a stand and try to turn the rear wheel in fifth gear. If it goes easy, like it's not there, than it's probably not there and pieces are floating around in your cases.

If that is the case, than the last thing you want to do is try riding the bike. If a chunk of the gear gets into something else, Boom. I don't know if you can see into the transmission from the clutch side of the case, but you might pull the side cover off to see if there are any parts in it that shouldn't be.

Of course, maybe the first thing you should do is drain the oil and see if anything like a gear tooth or shavings come out.

Either you have knocked all three locking lugs off the 3rd pinion, or the 5th pinion is broken, or something of that nature. In any case, stop riding it until you fix it. All that shrapnel is circulated through the engine oil.

I lost 5th on my '02 wr426 and my understanding is that 3rd and 5th gears are prone to dog earring and becoming worn to the point of being useless. I still haven't fixed it because it's a back up bike, but I've been told that it would be about $500 to fix. It's a bummer , but the bike has been reliable otherwise.

Good Luck.

Last year around the same time I posted a similar thread asking roughly the same question. If you do a search in the yz426 section under "5-Speed OR 4-Speed For A 2001 YZ426", that will bring up the thread I started. Maybe some of the responses in that thread will help you out. I still have not answered my question that I had, and yes I've been riding my bike still. No I have not had any mechanical problems. I think it's still intersting how I most 01' 426 onwers have 5-speeds and mine has 4.

Good luck with yours.

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