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On going X440 review

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Background: This is my 3rd Cannondale. I started with the X440s last December, added a C440 in June, and the X440 in late July.

I've added Tag bars, PMB muffler cap, Moto Master brakes, BRP billet gas cap, Ceramic coated the exhaust, and made a pipe guard.

I've had no failures or breakage :D. I cartwheeled it a couple weeks back and uglied it up :D but no mechanical damage. The stock brakes are good but Paul @ Moto Master kept telling me I'd like his better. I'll do a seperate post about the brakes.

The suspension has broken in and needed adjustment. I have smashed the bumper on the shock and I was getting beat up by the brake & accel bumps. I backed the high speed comp off 1/2 turn and added 2 clicks of low speed F&R. What a difference that made. I'm tripling things I used to double/single. The bike gets through the corners much better. Square edged acceleration ruts don't turn me sideways now.

The engine is running great, the plug looks great, the factory map is spot on.

This is the first bike I've felt this comfortable on in a long time. It may inspire too much confidence. I've signed up in 2 classes for the upcomming SRA GP and 2 at the Elsinore GP 🙂. I'll post the results.

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