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Moto Master Brakes

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Paul from Moto Master USA has been telling me to try one of his brake setups for months. The front brake is a 260mm. Everything bolted on with no problem. The caliper adapter is a nice CNC piece. The rear is the same size as stock but much lighter. The new bolts had to be modified to get the rear rotor on. Moto Master will have a direct replacement for the rear soon. There are many different friction materials available so suit different conditions and preferences.

Now it's time to try them. I think the stock brakes are great so I didn't know how much to expect from the new units. Paul @ Moto Master recommended running the new rotors with the stock pads for 30 min. to wear the coating off the rotors. Now that the rotors are clean, install the new pads. I could feel the improvement during break in but once the new pads were on....Whoa baby! 🙂 The Moto Master units are a big improvement. I can hold the throttle much longer before braking. You know the feeling you get when you're heading into a turn too fast and you know it's going to hurt? Wait about 1 second more then hit the brakes. Yes, it will stop in time. It was hard to push past my old habits and run it deeper into the turns. After all, "Paul said it would stop" doesn't mean much when it's my body&bike at risk.

Now that I've changed them, I'm wondering why I never used oversize brakes before. Oh well, I've got them now. :D

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