Wr 400 Wont Start

My bike has been in garage for about 2 months. I can not get it started ? any clues on starting bike in cold weather. I guess I will remove tank and clean spark plug.

I have a 98 400 and I was able to track the problem to my pick up coil on the stator. Unfortunately, nobody sells this part alone - they want you to buy the entire stator (+250 i think) - Anyway - look in the manual, it tells you what the resistance of the stator and pu coil should be - I bought a PU coil from someone on ebay that was willing to part out their stator. I have an extra coil if you need - but they rarely go bad. Get out your ohmmeter and manual and you should be able to find the problem


I will check that out, Thanks

If you bike ran fine two months ago and not now, it is most likely due to a plugged pilot jet or sticking float, Clean the carb. Might be a good idea to check for spark and the valve clearances while the tank is off.

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