Servicing rear shock and more

I have a 2007 YZ450F with 26 hours on it. I was just thinking if anyone has done their shock service on their own. I have nitrogen, so I can recharge the shock if needed. Manual won`t tell me anything about spliting up the shock.

Maybe there are some tutorials in the internet that I don` t know of or maybe someone could tell me a bit about doing it (other than "send it to shop").

What about fork and shock oils? I was recommended to use this oil, , all thought I have used before Valvoline 5W. Does shock need different "W" then forks?

Manual recommends to use S1 in forks, but I have heard it brakes down fast and is expensive.

And after all when should I service my forks and shock. Some people suggest to do shock once in a year and forks twice. So far I have done forks once a year and haven`t touched shocks on my bikes.

Hoping to get intelligent replays, thank you!

I honestly tried searching, but didn`t got what I needed :banghead:

I honestly tried searching, but didn`t got what I needed :banghead:

Race Tech has very good tutorials....Videos that show everything. If you have never done it before, this will get you through it and you will never have to send your stuff out again.

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