Best upgrades for an 02 wr 426

g'day.. i have just bought a new fmf powercore 4 pipe with s/x powerbomb header pipe and loving the power increase!!! apart from that it is bone stock.... are there any suggestions on what upgrades to buy that will increase my performance noticably without to much hassle involved???.. thanx

If they're not already done, do the free mods (throttle screw, airbox, gray wire, YZ cam timing, and ACV...see for the poop)

Without a doubt, the next best mod to do is the autodecomp cam...either an 03 YZF450 cam or a HotCams Exhaust cam.

Next, get the suspension set up for your weight, speed and style.

After that, the YZF seat and tank, and a JD Jet Kit.

There are lots of other ways to spend your money, but those are the biggies.

Welcome to TT.

It sounds like you are looking for mods to increase horsepower. If you are looking for any performance ideas, I recommend you look at the Rekluse auto clutch. Adding it to my bike increase MY performance. Made the bike much more fun to ride in technical stuff.

Do a search on TT for it and read up. Most of us who have installed auto clutches think they are awesome.:banghead:

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