Dripping fuel on 07 xr 650r?

Is it normal for fuel to drip out of lines at bottom of the carb. Did the Main jet, air box, and carb manifold mods to brand new bike. Very impressive!! My buddy noticed it on last ride at top of hill and I noticed it after doing mods and initial start up. Does'nt appear to be a lot of fuel but I have an xr 400 and have never noticed it with this bike. Thanks in advance...

one time my float got stuck, but it was pouring fuel out of the overflow tube, i was way back in the woods, so i beat on the bowl with a screwdriver, and it stopped doing it, but most of my gas dumped out, and i had to walk back a ways. hope yours doesnt do this.

Check your float hight and needle valve. This could cause fuel to leak.

I have noticed fuel drops from my XRR after every ride when I finish the ride with a wheelie down my street on the way home...is this normal? :banghead::busted:

Mine did too i bought a float level guage from service honda and adjusted the float. Problem solved. Just think how much your float bounces up and down when you are hauling down the trail. I check mine once a year now just part of matainence i guess...

Common.... float needle valve sticks and overflows the float bowl and the excess drips from the vent line. Try draining the float bowl completly and refilling - may clear what is stuck in it. Worst case, remove the carb and the float bowl and see what has become lodged in the float needle.

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