XR 650L Big Gun Exhaust

I am considering adding a Big Gun Exhaust and front pipe to my 07 XR 650L. Is anyone running one and could give my insight on the performance? I would like a pipe that growls but is not too loud for the highway.



well dont have an L but Just put a big gun system on my 650R(street supermoto)

and you can't beat the performance you get on the top end

I have a FMF full system on my other bike -but I'm happier with how the big gun breaths up top

its Freakin loud though

ear-plugs are a must

one other thing I can add......the head pipe is made outta cheap ass materials...if you can combine a stainless head pipe with the Gun....it would be a great combo.......ditto on the earplugs also....I can't find the right combo of jetting to run the quite core that it comes with to get the performance of running with out the core.....the spark screen blew outta mine without the Qcore.......maybe a powerbomb head pipe will work.

I've got one on my 93xrl, got it in 99 or 2000. I read on ADV on some of the newer ones the quiet core baffle will partially melt and close off exhaust flow.

The mid mount strap bracket broke but I had it boxed in and a guy heliarc an extra silencer mount too. I had the big bore, hi comp, and cam but the big gun really made it come alive. :banghead:

Had one on my R,took it off so LOUD it made my head hurt.Rippn top end power!!

I put one on my '06 650L late last Summer when I installed my Edelbrock Pumper. It works really with the Eddy, but as others here have said it's pretty loud (it's a nice low rumble kind of loud though). Right now it's attached to the stock header, but I've got an FMF PowerBomb that I'll be installing in the Spring. :banghead:


Look at WB e-series.

I have one and love it. It comes with a sparky tip and an open tip. Sounds great with either, but the open one is loud. You can definately feel the power difference though.

+1 or maybe the WB xcr pipe


Look at WB e-series.

I have a White Brothers E series im willing to trade for a Big Gun since everyone thinks there to loud. I like 'em. It has a small scuff on the tip, comes with the screen thats really quiet. Had a big performance change when put on, and the screen didnt have power draw backs. Has 2 end caps, chrome and black. Sits on a 2005 XRL

I will never purchase another pipe that is not stainless or aluminum as the one I bought from XR's Only for my 650R was powdercoated and rusted through from the inside out. Just something to keep in mind from a longevity standpoint.

Don't wanna badmouth a product unnecessarily, but do some reading before getting a Big Gun system.

Word is out all over the place that they have major quality problems - rattles, welds cracking, rivets popping, guts blowing out. Basically far too many bad reviews saying very short life.

I've been hearing/reading this for a few years, and usually where there's smoke, there's fire.

Just saying, do some research.

check these out for a start:






If you're looking primarily for good sound, there are plenty other pipes that will sound great and maybe last a whole lot longer - Akrapovic, FMF, Staintune etc etc

Also, note that the Big Gun warranty (up till 2006, don't know if it's been changed) is not valid once the bike has been run. Think about that. Start the bike and your warranty period is over. Pretty strange.

"Your Big Gun Exhaust Systems product is warranted against defects for 6 months from date of purchase from Big Gun Exhaust Systems and all authorized Big Gun Exhaust Systems dealers, distributors, and exporters. Within this period, we will replace your defective exhaust system without charge for parts and labor. Simply call Big Gun Exhaust Systems directly at 909-948-7029 and speak to the Warranty Department. They will then give you the proper instructions for the return of your warranted product. You will need to send or fax in your Valid receipt as a proof of purchase date to qualify for a warranty. Warranty does not cover transportation costs. Nor does it cover a product that was started or run, installed incorrectly, subject to misuse or accidental damage."

Ive got a Big gun on my L and it is loud. Performance wise it is excellent. My only complaint is the endcap is not USFS approved. I need to find one of those as they do check 'em. I also question the Db rating. It has to be close to the limit.


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