Should I or Not

I have a 05 WR 450 registered in Nev. using my buddies mom's address. She's technically the owner with her name on the title and insurance. She's getting up there in age and i've been thinking of trying to get a California plate for it. My thinking is that she would just sign it over to me as a gift and I'd re-registor it under my name. Whats your thoughts ???

note: Last weekend I lost my Nev. plate in Red mountain area :banghead:

Since it is registered and titled as a motorcycle, I think all you need to show is 7500 miles or something close to that. Put a trail tech on that thing and start spinning the tire. I think Nevada is actually more strict than Ca. as far as equipment that's required on the bike. You will need to show proof of Ca. insurance. My uncle just brought his diesel car here that he bought in Nevada. My other uncle that lives there had to drive it around until it got the miles on it.

CA uses the VIN to determine if a mchine gets plates (or a green or red sticker). A WR is not street legal in CA from the factory. They will not plate it without the bike getting a full inspection, expensive and a pain.

Cars are different.

I've been told that if the bike has been plated in another state already it is easier to get cali to plate it.

Yup, I bought a Arizona street legal 95' CR500, and took it to the DMV for registration. After checking the vin, and engine #'s they handed me a license plate.

Did they require a bike inspection or do they just look at the Title and reg.


I think they just verify the mileage and possibly the VIN. It is already titled as a motorcycle so you don't even need to deal with the DMV. AAA should be able to handle this for you. They just don't deal w/ off highway registration . Sorry William1, you may be wrong on this one. I'm not saying that I am 100% either.

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