Electrical question

I have a 2002 xr650r I put a ricky stator 200 watt stator along with their voltage regulator. My problem is I keep blowing out my headlights or tail lights. The lights get brighter and brighter until they blow the more throttle ya give it the faster they blow! So anyone had this excact problem? I am figuring it's either a grounding problem or a regulator problem. What do ya guys think?

Do you have a battery? If so what is it's condition? You need a battery in the circuit to "absorb" and dampen some of the voltage/transients.

650r's dont have batteries and I did not put one in no place for one. This is on the lighting side everything else is fine. It worked for two years i am just trying to figure out wich way to start but the reg might be fried.

call back ricky stator, it sounds like the voltage regulator is not working properly or they sent you the wrong one. i recently purchased a 200w stator from them and they sent me the wrong one and the connectors didnt match up and from other posts i have read these things happen quite often with them.

It's either the regulator, or a bad connection to the regulator.

Thanks guys i figured that was it. I blew two sets of PIIAS so far..:busted: I am gonna put two of them in this time one for each line..:banghead:

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