fork nick

i just notice a small nick in my fork tubes that is just starting to wear the fork seal enough to let some oil seep by...what is the best fix for this problem?

Just a wild guess - will it hold JB Weld? Mark

I use a small fine tooth file to take the high spots off nicks. Then polish it with some fine emery cloth. Unless the depression is of a substantial size, it probably won't pass much oil at all and won't damage the seals.

JB Weld on a fork tube?????

Bonzai :)

Yup, just sand it down a little. I did the same thing on my YZ426 last year, the nick was sharp enough to tear my seal, man it was gushing oil everywhere. While replacing the seal, I sanded down the nick with like 400 grit sand paper, and fine tuned it with 600 grit. Be careful not to sand too hard, just enough to not feel the nick.

Hope that helps a little,

Dodger :):D

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