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Pretty new to riding, what's the difference between wider & narrower bars and more or less rake. I just got the Pro Taper Pastranas, becasue of the rise (I'm 6'4) but I have really noticed that they are narrower and more raked than my stock bars ('07 YZ450). I know that I am gaining more comfort by having taller bars, but what am I gaining/losing with the narrower, and more raked bars?

The rake or sweep of the bars is pretty much just personal preference. As far as width is concerned, typically guys that ride in the woods will run narrower bars for weaving through trees/brush. But really though, it all comes down to what feels right to you.

Rule of thumb is that the bars should be about shoulder wide, but there again, preference. In addition to woods guys, FMX'ers tend to like them a little narrower, which is why the Pastrana FMX bend is the way you found it.

The KX High is nearly the same height, but wider, and I believe, without looking, has a little less sweep.

Thanks guys!!

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