Normal Clutch

I just got a new WR426 and have not rode it except for a few times up and down the driveway. I noticed when it wasn't running while in gear and the clutch was pulled in the rear wheel would not turn. I got concerned so I put gas back in the tank warmed the bike up pulled in the clutch. I put it in gear half expecting the bike to lurch foward and stall. The clutch worked fine. I shut the bike off in gear and pulled in the clutch and I was able to roll it back in the garage. I just checked it again cold in gear w/the clutch in and the rear wheel will not turn. Is this normal for a new bike? Does the transmission need to be warm or is it having clutch problems already?

If the bike sits for a while the plates will dry up, making it hard for them to rotate without grabbing the adjacent plate. The oil pump lubricates the clutch, so when you start the bike the clutch gets oiled right away, creating a film between the plates that allows them to move freely without grabbing.

I assume from your discription I have nothing to worry about. Thanks for the info I will sleep a little better now. By the time I get some serious use out of this bike the warranty period will be up.

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