Removing the airbox lid????

Just wondering if removing the airbox lid on my 2001 WR426 will cause any problems (having to change jetting, etc.)? I live in the midwest (ILLINOIS) and have already uncorked her, grey wire removed and throttle stop shaved down. Can I expect better performance from her if I pull the airbox lid?

Thanks in advance THUMPS!

Mark (Highland, Illinois)

If you pull the entire lid you will notice a little pickup. I pulled only the snorkle and it's not much different but helps save on cleaning the filter. With the entire lid off things get dirty faster.

Hope that helps

I did not change anything when I took off the air box lid, and it seemed to run fine. It definately had more power.

But, I am not saying that you shouln't re-jet.

The air box lid is doing nothing but choking your bike.....get rid of it, you gota let your bike breath.

And yes, you may need to re-jet, but probably nothing more than fattening it up a little (maybe down one clip on needle, up one step on main).


Dodger :D:)

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