New look for my 650L - fender mods w/ PICs

Nice looking bike!:banghead:

thgaks, it's plated too, which you can barely tell from the picture. When I ride it every time I stop it draws attention from both riders and non riders but they both say: WHat the hell kinda bike is that? I have a whole standard supermoto thing I spill out every time they ask. At the end, they all say the smae thing, Sure looks like fun, is it fast? I say 110mph and they arent impressed. I guess a 100mph dirt bike doesn't compare to a 170mph GSXR 1000.

Sniper...Now that's what I'm talkin about! You are my hero. lol Guuureat looking ride. Now if I could just bring myself to spring for the wheels. I'm workin on that. OGB

STB, that thing is baaaad! Nice job!:cool: Bruce

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