Has anyone had trouble with ethanol gumming up their carburators? I know a guy who has had motorcycles for over 20 years, and he said that the ethanol separates from the gas after a month or two. Then, the ethanol would leave deposits in the jets that was very hard to clean. Is there any truth to this?

It can cause a varnish like coating on the inside of your carb. Run a product like stable it will help a little.

besides destroying any throttle response you might enjoy, ethanol attracts moisture. It should be avoided at all costs if yoiu don't want your fuel turning into long chain polymers and gunking up your carb.

Ethanol is suitable for lawnmovers, tow vehicles, and quads.

Not performance 4 strokes.

Ethonal=poor fuel efficiency, hotter running engine, and leaves crap behing in your carb. If that is all you can get on a given day, it is OK to use (will have crappy performance) but do not let it sit in your tank for more that a couple of weeks.

Ethonal is purely a "Political" fuel forced onto us by the tree huggers and the farm subsidy promoters. It gets about 10% less mileage in cars and creates alot of pollution during production (15 of 17 production plants fined recently in Minnesota for polution. Did I mention that it costs more than unadulterated gasoline?. And they say it causes less polution! Our moron politions will buy into anything!

x2smoker, you forgot it is also corrosive. :) Mike

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