Fork Seals and BK Mod Questions

Hello Fellow TT'ers,

I need help.

My frt forks brake side, is leaking again after having both redone about alittle over a month ago. I've been using a gizmo called a fork saver untill last ride it popped out and went flying into a field. What's the deal with the leaky seal, same side as last time too.

My Second Question is: If I perform the bkmod will I need to rejet. I live in North Calif area.

Thanks for the help.

Do a search under 'fork seals' and 'bk mod'. There is plenty of info on both these topics.


for your fork seal life, be sure you install your front tire correctly >> you need to jam a flat screw driver in your right fork leg axle slot (odometer side) to ensure your forks are completely parallel prior to clamping down on the axle pinch bolts.

had this problem, too.

so did my bro, and he just had his seals done, too (i had mine done end of last season/begin of this season, don't remember exactly)

anyways, i think that they used aftermarket seals on ours, and they are junk. use OEM seals from yamaha. they may cost a tiny bit more $$$, but hold better.

we did have them leaking and managed to clean them, though.

take something thin like a business card or something like that (we used an old piece of photograhpy film) and pop down the dust seal you see on the outside of the upper fork (where the oil looks like it's coming from) this exposes the inner seal (the actual fork seal that holds the oil) anyways, slide the film underneath this seal and slide it around the fork tube a couple times, spraying it with wd-40 while doing so. this seems to have effectivly cleaned both of our fork seals and stopped any leak at all.

racer36 :)

Thanks for the cleaning tip, I will try this method.

i had this problem too. Until I installed the seal savers. Since then not a drop of fluid leaking. I've changed fluid three times and disassembled twice for revalves without changing the seals. Still no leaks. I think I used the seals for honda last time. Cheaper and came with dust seals for the cost of Yamaha seals alone. Also since I bought another set of seals just in case, Murphy hasn't talked seals to me :) Good luck.

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