400, 425, 450, yr model, which is best


will be buying a WR, is there any models that are better to get than others, ie one with less problems, faults, my price range probly looking at a 426, would a 2002 be better to get than a 2001? I noticed in the newbie guide that the 450 2003model had some issues.

also what mods increase the value of the bike the most?

thank you

01 & 02 are basically the same. 03 and newer has aluminum subframe versus steel. Better and more exhaust options for 03 and newer. 01 holds 3+ gal. stock. Not sure when Yami switched to 2 gal on a wr, but maybe 03 or newer. My 01 runs great and never any problems. It seems much faster than my friends 07. His feels much lighter though. As far as mods go, anything you can do for free adds value in my book. Throttle stop, grey, open air box, and unplug exhaust. Depending on where you live (elevation) then rejet. At sea level you'll be lean on the needle. The hardest, but still free, is changing to yz cam timing.

forgot to mention. 03 electric start and auto decompression. A decomp cam can be put in to a 01 or 02, but no opts. for installing a starter.

i would go with a 03 wr 450 , just make sure it has the starter upgrade . i don't think there are many 03's out there that haven't been fixed .

never had a problem with my 03 , at the time i was going to buy a 400 but the 450 wasn't much more and was in better condition , i was warned to stay away from a 426 by the owner of the yamaha shop , said the heads tended to warp . never herd of it anywere else . but its what i was told .

i would go for a 450 ignoring that anyway , new better bigger .

The autodecomp mod is nice to do on those 426 but I never did it because the newer cams turned the engine to a smooter bike and I liked the power of my WR as is. Both are nice though (I tried both). I don't know if it's just us but Sylvain's 2002 has always had a better throttle response than mine. This has to do with jetting in some way but his seems to run better than my 2001. If I had to buy, I go with a 2002...

I'd forget about the 2003. Also, I like the 2001 and 2002 because they don't have all these emission recycling devices that you will want to remove...

Electric start is nice though. Although I never had problems starting mine with the infamous Yamaha routine...

Funny, I thought the 03 450 shared the same head as the 426. I guess they just used a newer, improved head, but still left a hole in it where the decomp lever used to go.

Just find one in good shape and you can't go wrong. I'm happy with my 2000 400 and don't see any reason to change to a 426 or 450.

Ditto to what solo said - I also love my 2000-400 and don't see a need to go to anything newer - it's all about what you're going to be using it for.

Funny, I thought the 03 450 shared the same head as the 426. I guess they just used a newer, improved head, but still left a hole in it where the decomp lever used to go.

If you get an 03 or 04 450, check to see if there is a rubber plug above the exhaust, if there is I would suggest getting the TT decompression plug replacement. Mine popped out and after asking about it here a lot of other people said the same happened to them and in some cases more than once.

How do you guys like your 2000 WR 400's??

I found one for sale locally and it looks in great shape.

I was wondering how they do in some tight rocky single


Are they easy to start,or is there a trick to it??I would

really like something with elec. start, but it's just not in

the budget right now...Any info , much appreciated



The 2000 400 has some special things to concider. One is that the hot start is on the carb. That means you need to take your hand off the bar to activate it and turn it off. It also does not have auto-decomp cams. This means there is a start procedure that involves bringing the engine to TDC, opening the compression release, nudging the engine past TDC, releasing the comp-release, and giving it a full kick. It sounds complicated but becomes second nature. I can do it on any terain without even thinking about it.

Solutions for the above. HotCams has auto decomp cams to solve the starting fun. Dr.D has a remote hot start kit that moves the hot start to the bars. How important are these upgrades? Depends on you- I don't have either but have thought about making the changes.

The 400 is an all steel frame but does not have a starter or battery. This is a good weight savings but makes for dual sporting a little harder in some areas. It does however, have a 130 watt stator.

Let me know if there are anymore questions you'd like to have answered.

thanks for the replies, so the 2003 450 needs a few mods to keep it reliable? Has it got any bugs that the later models don't have? -being that its first year model for the 450. So far know one has said theres any big difference between the 01 & 02 WR. Apparently after the 00 400 they use titatium valves that have to be serviced more regularly.

found this link,


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