Rectifier Help on 650R

OK, yes I have searched until my eyeballs have bleed.

I'm a cheap bastid, so here my question:

Can a full wave bridge rectifier be used with the stock AC regulator? 'Cause I've tried every way imaginable to wire it in, and lord help me that I can't get it right.

And I'm pretty proficient with electronics, or so I thought. The rectifier is a 25A, 50V one from Radio Shack.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


First welcome to TT.

In general you can just use a bridge rectifier with an AC regulator. The difficulty is if one side of the AC is connected to the frame (ground). If it is then the DC negative can't be connected to the frame. Only one or the other, AC or DC, can be connected to the frame.

Connect the existing AC wires to the AC terminals on the bridge rectifier. You should have about 12 volts between the + and - terminals. Just don't connect the - to the frame if one side of the AC is connected to the frame.

I would have gone with a higher voltage rectifier than 50 volts. It should work, but higher voltage rated ones are not much more.

Thanks for the welcome and reply!

So your telling to take two of the wires from the regulated AC side, attached them to the rectifier, and run ground wire back to the capacitor?


Okay, here's a little diagram of how its set-up now. Since the frame can have only AC or DC. So why the hell is my DC voltage climbing with RPM's when the AC voltage is staying down?


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