Mid 1980s HOnda OEM electronic speedo

Do you north american guys who have this speedo know if it can be converted to kilometers oer hour instead of miles? (same for distance)

Guys here is an image of the speedo I am talking about. Someone must know



I bought an '85 XR350R new with the electronic enduro speedometer. The service manual said nothing about adjustments other than resetting and changing batteries. By the way, I still have the speedo, currently on an '00 WR400. Hopefully, someone else can come up with something.

Thanks Creeky

If someone could help out that would be great.

Perhaps because it's electro mechanical then it cant be switched between miles and kms??

That looks like the one I had on my 86 XR600R but I don't remember ever seeing kilometers on it and I used it everyday for 3 years.

I remember one on an old XR 600 we had once, and while there were plenty of buttons on it, I don't remember anything for converting to km either.

You wouldn't be wanting to get rid of it b/c it doesn't do km??? haha

You probably already did this...but I would just start holding down buttons for ~10 seconds....start with one at a time, then try combinations of two (i doubt they would have you holding down 3 or more buttons to rest the computer)

from the picture i can see 6 buttons... so that makes a total of 21 possible combinations. 21 combinations times 10 sec each equals 210 seconds. 210 seconds divided by 60 seconds equals about 3.5 mins.

So.... this little experiment should take about 3.5-4min to complete. Now get to work!!!!

The manual I have mentions there are two different models, one for the US market that reads in miles and another for the Canadian market that reads in km.

The LCD for each model is different. There is no way for it to display km or km/h on that display.

I have one laying around, I just messed around with it and couldn't find anyway to change it.

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