91 XR600 Gas Tank

Does anyone have a stock 91 tank they would sell. Just bought this XR600 and man I love it but I need a good tank. Thanks, Dub

I'll look around. How much are you willing to pay?

I have a 92 tank-the bracket and petcock were removed when I replaced it with IMS. Tank was tight when removed. I don't need it anymore


What will you take for it? Do you know if it will interchange with the 91? Thanks Dub

The tank should be a perfect fit. You would need the metal mounting brackets on front and a fuel petcock. It is white with the graphics still on. I replaced it with a 4.7 gallon IMS tank. I figure about $25 plus $10 to ship is fair. You can email me jstewart@chw.edu

Tried to reply to your email and was refused..... Contact me at fomogo@comcast.net so we can get together on the tank. Doug

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