'04 YZ 450f questions

Looking to purchase a YZ 450f. The asking price is $2800, and it is really clean with suspension mods, sproket (has original)aftermarket clutch, aftermarket triple clamp and exhaust. A few other aftermarket goodies as well. Tires are 80%. The bke runs great, fires right up, shifts great and the seller has an immaculate garage and all other toys are in perfect shape. Seller says he doesn't ride that often to warrant hanging on to it, he is into his sand toys, had the bike for trails. The seller is a really nice guy, has everything organized and all my questions were answered well. Is $2800 in line for an '04 that is really clean. Any obvious things to look for on a '04? Thanks for your input.

It's in line for an asking price. If you want the bike, get $2700 in cash, and start by offering 24 $100 bills to him. Pull the 24 out of your pocket and hold it in sight while you make the offer (don't make a big deal of showing it off, just let him actually see it). See where it goes from there.

i recently bought a 04 yz450f partly because it was in good condition but also because the 450s seem to go for alot still here. i paid $6000 aus probably a bit 2 much but for here it was cheap for the copndition it was in. id say go for it, the only things i would do to mine after riding mates bikes is maybe a steering dampener. i find mine is alot rougher and not as smooth ( compares to 06 rxz450) and a pipe (comparing to 04 yzf450)

if in good nick go for it

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