Rode my 650R today

4 1/2 month's since I broke my neck.Cruised the hood for about 15 min.Felt like I was braking the LAW.Sure do feel weak,need to get loosened up,can't look left/right that good yet.Man does it feel GOOD to be on a motorcycle again.Better than Chrismas.

Glad your back on two wheels man! :banghead:

Good for you knucklehead. Be safe and wise during your rides.

I just had a total hip replacement (left side) and will experience a long layoff as well. Probably have to wait (between healing and physical therapy) 3-4 months before riding backroads (seated) and 6 months before riding dirt (moving around on the bike). Getting a leg over a bike may require a different approach. The XR650R has a kickstand so I can step up. I'm thinking the CR250R will need a strong kickstand as well.

It has been 2 weeks since surgery. I am already walking without crutches or cane and working very hard in PT. Every night I am sore to the point of hobbling around. It is a good time to order some parts. lol

Good stuff Knuklehead !! :banghead:

My one piece of advice to you would be to get yourself a Leatt Brace neck brace, I plan on getting myself one before riding next Summer. Better safe than sorry. :busted:

How did you break it? Not on the bike I hope?

Dizamn,I guess you are living up to your screen name. J/K. Be careful with that neck you might need that particular part and I have not seen a replacement in any catalogue.

Go you good thing.

Peripheral vis is king around the steel coffins.

Be carefull big fella.

Good luck, and watch out for the cagers!:cool:

Be well and be careful, good to hear your back on 2...........:cool:

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