IMS tank?

If anyone is using the 4.0 gallon tank,how is the fit?Does it require a different seat?Can it incorporate a better seat?What kind of distance do you get from 4 gallons,Im hoping 175-200 mile range.Maybe Im dreaming.Maybe someone sells a larger tank?

Is anyone planning to do the Baja 500 next month?


I have the 4 gallon IMS tank. It does not require another seat. It works fine with the stock seat. I dont think that you are going to get 175-200 miles either. Depending on your riding style, I wouldn't expect to get more than 120 to 140 miles. I've made a couple 135 to 140 mile loops down around Catavina & Bay of LA with mine but I dumped a 2 liter bottle in just to be safe.

I had some 150 mile loops as well in baja with the ty davis tank.

Never went on reserve.

Have fun with the 500, have you done it before?

What gearing are you running?

No I have not done the 500.I raced MX in the USA for about 20 years.I have been off for 15.There are now some local races down here,long ones.So I am just now regrouping and gathering info.Just drove home from Diego with my 2002 WR last Sunday.Got a killer deal from South Bay.Did all the free mods.Im lucky I can gear up here at home and ride into the desert in minutes.The back tires are going to get costly.Thanks for the scoop on mileage and tanks you guys!

with 3.2 i can get about 100-110 miles when riding back roads and trails that i am just cruising on. When playin and riding hard i have never went over 20 so i dont know how many i can go in that situation.

I ran 15/44 gearing.

I also used the dunlop 606 dot tire and it wears like iron.

1400 miles and about 3/8's used up!

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