426 oil change parts

I just picked up a '02 426. Can someone let me know what parts I'll need to replace when I do this? I'm not sure what condition the o-rings will be in but I figured I should change everything just in case.

It depends on what all you intend doing. The least you should do on a bike that old that you just bought is get a filter, obviously, and the 4 O-rings for the filter cover, along with new copper washers for the two main drain plugs. That way it's all new and in good shape as of today, and won't cost much.

The manual recommended procedure that calls for removing the feed oil line to drain the tiny amount of oil therein is not really necessary unless there's been some problem that caused a lot of debris in the oil. There again, if you take it off, get a fresh O-ring.

Then there is the feed screen in the oil fitting in the bottom of the frame. It is generally prudent to take a look at this once when you first get the bike, but the screen is difficult to remove when it hasn't been out for some time. If you decide to remove it for inspection, you will need to disconnect the lower end of the feed line first, and then take the line off the fitting. Then, you are going to need a good 25 mm deep socket that has little or no wear on it (it should be a 6 point socket, and the hex flats themselves should reach as near the open end of the socket as possible), a long breaker bar, and some help to hold the bike. Get a new washer for this one, too.

The screen is analogous to the sump screen in a wet sump engine, and those never do get inpected in most cases, unless the engine is apart, but it's up to you.

The simplest way to change the oil is to:

>Run the engine for 1-2 minutes.

>Drain the frame

>Remove and change or clean the oil filter

>Drain the crankcase

>Refill and run the engine to verify the oil level

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Damn bro, I didn't expect to get that good of an answer. Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I needed to know.

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