hey Banff Boy

HEy chuck did you make it down like you had planned this past weekend. No one called out of our group and told me that you came or where to ride. If you did hope you had a good time. Sorry i missed out.

Chris :)

Hey Chris

We didn't make it down this year. Apparently hunting season started on Sat. this year and it wasn't a good idea to go riding in Wallace. Our riding is pretty much over here. It's been snowing and getting cold. Time to get out the skiis :)

actually it started on thursday. To bad you were not able to come on down. So if me and a couple buddies wanted to come up and go skiing and boarding would it be possible for you to show us some good hills? Sorry again you were not able to come down.


Absolutely, we have some pretty awesome skiing here. Lake Louise is great. It always rates high on the polls

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