Triple clamp handguard mounts.. want some?

Who would be interested in Aluminum triple clamp handguard mounts?

I can machine and annodize them, hopfully for around 40$, (less minus annodizing) if I make enough of them.

Does anyone else have a top clamp that clamps from the front, instead of the side like the stock clamp?

I have a TOPAR clamp... bolts in the front.

the stock.. and TAG, Applied all seem to bolt from the side.

I can make somthing similar to the fastway, or the GYT-R part,

Or the cheaper method would be a piece of Stainless bar stock that would be formed (bent) to fit, at any angle we choose.

: what angle away from the bars should I start with? Maybe about 10 deg.s

: How far up off of the triple clamp should we go?

Let me know of any common problems?

It should be pretty simple.


I've got a set of GYT-R Aluminum BB's that clamp to the upper TC. The problem I'm having is that the TC mounts are not long enough to allow the intended use of both Clamp bolts to be used in the clamp mount (Not long enough) I can only use the top clamp bolt, because I am using the Universal Adapters and the CR High bend Renthal Fat Bars.

My last race for the season will be Loretta Lynns GNCC in a week and a half. If I send you my original mounts can you make me some taller ones?


Bonzai :)

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I have a stock top triple clamp and would send it to you. I'm sure we could work something out :D

I also have the Cycra triple clamp mounts, I could measure or supply the mount, if you could get at least the triple clamp mounts back, asap. Hate to break a hand :)


I'm interested in some machined aluminum mounts. I need ones that fit a stock triple clamp. $40 sounds like a good price.

I am always willing to help! :D

So if you want, I'll get started on a first piece!

Yamakaze.... I may be at Loretta's, but I know EAST HILL RACING (Quads) :) will be, so he could deliver last minute if necc. Or next day UPS.

I could just lenghten the mounts you have, and take a few measurments as well to compare to my design. let me know.

If you look on the extreme right of the photo, you can see the Tripple Clamp Mount Bolt. This is the top bolt, and as you can see there is NO real support from that point upward, as there would be if I could utilize both the Tripple clamp bolts.


Do you think that making it longer will weaken it to the point of minor impact failure?

Bonzai :)

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Here's a better photo of what I'm talking about. I thought my bars had bent after last weekends accident, but after looking closer tonight I noticed that the TT Clamp mounts had been bent towards the center of the bike after a side impact. I straightened it in my vise. You can see in this photo that I have to raise the mount all the way up to accomadate the height of the bars. I think if about 2 inches were added to the overall lenght, and the part now that is hollow changed to be solid for added strength that it would be perfect.

Do you need me to send you my mounts as a pattern? I can do that, But I think with the race being this close that I send them to you a week from Monday as I am planning to tear down my bike and replace all the bearings. Let me know what you think.




Bonzai :)

What about titanium?

Nobody else makes titanium triple clamp handguard mounts as far as I can tell. Crazyadam, you might be the only one doing it....$$$$.....I'll take a set for free as my consultant fee. :)

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Count me in for some!

i'm interested i have a scotts tripple clamp how much to anidize them blue

Yep the GYTR mounts are like butter. I've been running them on my ProBends since they came out and have had to bend them back into shape too many times.

The mounts made by Cycra are very solid, however they don't offer and adjustablity for the length of handlebars. The GYTR mounts are the only ones that have the ovalized hole that allows them to be used with different lengths of handlebars.

I'd be interested in a set of Ti mounts if you make them. They should be able to take just about anything I can dish out. Just be sure to have some adjustablity built in :)

Mr Toyz

Sorry it took so long to get back...

popped my shoulder out, while testing suspension settings. (high speed wash out) TOO much Sag.

I did not know that the GYT-Rs were that weak. I could make some Ti parts, but it would be more like 60-65$ range, unless they were 2 piece units bolted like a T .... or maybe I could make them out of flat stock and but a bend on them. I will research the properties of Titanium after being bent. That would knock the price down to 45-50$.

If I made them out of a block of Billet, I could annodize them lots of colors :)


I would be interested in a set of aluminum ones for stock clamps on my 98' WR. Let me know the details at


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