99wr400 cam question

will the cam s from a yfz450 quad fit my 99 wr400 ? if so can iget some help with install instructions?

My understanding is the 450 quad cam is different than the YZ or the WR. I think that I read that it is not as aggressive as either one.

I have a pdf for the installation that I can send you if you want it.

At the top of the yz forum is a common threads sticky that has tons of info for you. The decompression cam mod is listed near the top.


I think I read that the YFZ cam is comparable to a WR cam. Do a search for the YFZ cam and you will find lots of info. Here is one of the threads http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=592647&highlight=yfz+cam

Try searching before asking, some people will eat you alive for not looking first and you will find an awful lot of very useful and interesting reading this way.

please send me what ever you have ;i looked for info on quad cam ;could not find any info on how to set cam in wr400 if you think it will work let me know .i need to know propper cam position;timing mark position this is my first thumper ;been riding two strokes all of my life

If you are going to buy a cam you should buy either a 2003 yz450 cam or a Hotcams cam for your bike. The info for the installation of the yz450 cam is in the Decompression Cam Mod thread. It is really quite easy to do as long as you follow the instructions. My WR is my first four stroke and I was terrified to take it appart and I am very mechanically inclined but for some reason it scared me. After checking the valves a couple of times I installed the cam and it was simple. Here is the link to the cam installation again http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3706078#post3706078 read it a couple of times and then just follow the instructions and remember to double check everything.

if you have the $360+ to spend i would suggest the hot cams i just bought them for my WR 250f and i has a ton more torque and if you have knowledge on how to shim the valves it should be fairly simple to install

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