Hello and thanks...

Well, I have been looking for a "newer" bike from some time. The IT/YZ490 I have been riding, while a fun bike, handles like a pogo stick on crack and needs a complete suspension rebuild. :D Tons more money then I wanted to but into a 83. In a straight line it’s hard to beat but other than that, well I'm just not skilled enough...

My bro-in-laws both ride Hondas, one rides a 2006 450x and the other one rides a 2000 xr650r. They are both wonderful bikes but a bit to rich for my blood right now. I was just looking for something in decent shape, somewhat reliable that I could ride for fun and fix up a little at a time.

When I saw the add in Craigslist for a 1995 xr600r for $1200 I figured if it started I would pick it up. :ride: Well with the holidays and everything I didn’t call on it for a few days. :D When I finally took the time I tried looking the add up on craigslist and it had been removed.:busted: So it typed xr600r into the search to see if I could find another one and found that the guy had reposted the bike with a lower price.:banghead: He lives out in the boonies and the people that had called on the bike did not want to make the trip.

The bike seemed to be in good shape (a few leaks) but I got it started so I figured why not. I offered him a price and he took it so I am now the proud owner of a 95 xr600r.

Using the search function on the form :D I have learned the best way to start the bike, I have replaced the clutch actuator seal and learned the proper way to read the oil level. (It still seems to read low with 2 quarts in it. If I check it right after I shut it off, I can hear the oil dropping as soon as I turn the bike off.) I have learned a lot about this bike and want thank all those that have posted the great information I was able to find.

Even if the bike blows up tomorrow I’ve already had so much fun on it, it won’t matter! Besides that, I could then rebuild it with maybe a hot cam or something…

Thanks again,


I already have my TT front fender stickers.:D

Congrats, welcome, and nice ride!

You can run a 95 XR600R for four weeks streight getting refueled by a tanker, at 100mph and not blow it up.

I love mine, it's a 96 I supermotoed out...here she is


Thanks guys!

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