yz 400 to loud

What is the best exhaust system to quiet down a 400? Mine currently has a GYTR exhaust, i dont no what other engine mods it might have. I dont care if i loose some power.

Thanks for any info

I have a 1999 YZ400F and I had a FMF "Q" Muffler on my bike. It was pretty quiet but it sucked power from my bike but since you dont mind the power loss I would recommend the FMF "Q" Muffler. last I checked FMF still made the "Q2" muffler but the original "Q" muffler is out of production,

I have also heard a lot of good things about the White Bros E2 slip on muffler. The E2 muffler has interchangable tips to make it quieter or to have a spark arrestor in it. when I was looking for a new Muffler for my bike Motosport.com was selling it for $309.99.

You could also get a powerbomb header from FMF, which does a good job at quieting down exhaust noises.

if you want a used FMF "Q" Muffler, just PM me and we can see if we can make a deal.

Patrick M.

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