WR400F VS 400EXC


i am currently a wr 400 f 99 model owner, with power core 4 and ims thank and seat. the bike feels great but it run alittle hot in my country singapore, though i have the ims tank but sometime i still feel the exc is better.

i am thinking to swicting to a 400exc 2000 model, and i need to know which is a more lasting bike, as i have hear story that you have to change the cam bearing often. and how thws the handling and power of a 400exc compare to wr400f. and not forgetting the e starter as well as better brakes and juice clutch.

thanks. :)

the local dealer had one here and so i asked the service guy the same thing. he says they have good power. not as much as the WR. He said they turn better then the WR and that they handle a little better. But if you problems lie in temp put in some engine ice and keep the WR. More power and you have adapted to its handeling and turning already. Just my $.02

I love my WR400F, but I have to be honest the 400 EXC is a sweet bike. I practice with a couple of folks that have em, and I've raced against several. Great Power and in the hands of a competent rider can hang in there with just about anything including the WR and the YZ. My WR seems to have better low end grunt but from experience I would have to say that the Mid and the Top are comparable. The only absolute plus is the thin design and less weight. I sure wish Yamaha would shed some lbs off these things...I'm in the gym 5 days a week just so I can throw my WR around on the Weekend...

Bonzai :)

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