Running Un-Corked

I generally run "un-corked" but occasionally put the plug back in for sponsored trail rides, just to run a bit quieter. With the cork back in the pipe, the engine runs at high idle for a minute or so, then slows down to a very low idle. That makes it bit of a pain for tight single track as the faster idle speed is constantly pushing the bike and I clutch way more than if riding in "Un-Corked" mode.

Was the factory jetting set up to the uncorked mode? It idles very well when uncorked and returns to its low idle speed as soon as I let off the throttle. Would I need to re-jet to make it run well with the cork in?

Hanging idle = Lean Jetting condition.

You may need to go up one step on the main when you run with the plug in. Only thing that I cannot help you with, is why the bike goes lean with the exhaust plug in........anyone???


Dodger :):D

Don't know about lean/rich, but I had the best compromise using a Vortip I cut the funky little tailpipe off right at the weld. Works great, it was about halfway in noise between an uncorked and a corked pipe and flows a bunch better too. (All judged by ear and seat of pants feel.)

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