Need a skid plate that covers is all....

I have a GTYR skid plate on my 05 450F, but i noticed the bottom of the frame right under where the foot peg posts are welded on is exposed and got torn up. A little chunk of metal is even gone. :banghead:

I would like to get a plate that cover this area as well.

Any suggestions? Thanks...

That exact thing happened to my friends bike a few years ago so I have always done the extra effort to cover those areas. Check my posts and pics in this thread to see what can be done to protect those vulnerable areas. You can see the areas that get exposed when you look at SXP's pics compared to my backyard approach. I mentioned it to a few of the skid plate building companies , but i guess they didn't appreciate some constructive critiquing of their products. Oh Well :banghead: WR Dave.

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